George duke dukey treats

There isn’t room enough to list all of the wonderful musicians who appear here, but trust me…  The bass work will give you a lesson in groove and pocket that no school could provide, the drummers are all among my favorites in the pocket-game (Ron Bruner, Jr. seems to be on almost every new disc I get lately and I don’t mind one bit!  Dudes nasty!), George sounds beautiful and everyone on this disc shines.  I’ve been waiting for a disc like this and I’m not surprised it came from George Duke.  Pure funk, deep grooves and food for the soul here folks.

George Duke, hailed by both peers and fans as not only a great musician but a greater man, died August 5, 2013 at the age of 67. Should friends and fans desire, contributions can be made in his honor and in the honor of his wife, Corine, at the links below.

George Duke Dukey TreatsGeorge Duke Dukey TreatsGeorge Duke Dukey TreatsGeorge Duke Dukey Treats