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Designed to keep up with serious indoor training, the Kinetic Road Machine Bike Trainer is much quieter than magnetic trainers thanks to its fluid, progressive ...

The two vertical forces (gravity and the road) clearly are not too important. They don't do work (because they are perpendicular to the motion) and even if they did, the two forces would cancel. What about the wall? Since the spring is compressed, it pushes on the wall. Forces are an interaction between two objects. This means that if the spring pushes on the wall, the wall has to push on the spring with the same force. I can write the magnitude of the force the wall exerts as:

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The first collision occurs when the vehicle collides with another object. In a severe crash with another vehicle or other large object, the car comes to an abrupt stop.

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The Kinetic Crash Cooperation - Trencher Split 5The Kinetic Crash Cooperation - Trencher Split 5The Kinetic Crash Cooperation - Trencher Split 5The Kinetic Crash Cooperation - Trencher Split 5