Chinese detectives situation

Wallace’s quest for this father’s whereabouts led him to Nicky Wu, an adopted son of a wealthy merchant and also a legal advisor to the Magistrate. Nicky possessed a traditional, serious personality whose strength was in logic and reasoning. Wallace put his western logic, mechanical skills, and knowledge of anatomy to good use by helping Nicky solve complex crimes. Although initially at odds with each other due to their personality and cultural clashes, the duo form a strong bond of brotherhood  together as they escape dangerous situations.

Created by Ian Kennedy Martin. With David Yip, Derek Martin, Arthur Kelly, Larrington Walker. Detective Sergeant John Ho, a maverick British Chinese police officer ...

Recent discoveries—including an intriguing entry in an aircraft spotter’s log—give the History Detectives fresh leads and new clues to explore. Along the way, they learn of the unusual role Glenn Miller and his music played in winning hearts and minds during World War II. Can they find out what happened to this beloved bandleader once and for all?

Chinese Detectives SituationChinese Detectives SituationChinese Detectives SituationChinese Detectives Situation