Various audiotron

Please note that this website supports various hardware radio stream players.
Some of them are brand new and support the latest stream types while the AudioTron is rather old and might not support them.
So when selecting streams from the database they might not work on the AT.
In any way, you can also add your own streams and experiment a bit with what type does work etc.
You should be able to build a nice list of radio stations that work though.

It looks like you do have the superior product (no wma support? That's a good thing!), though it would be nice if you could provide spdif (Audiotron does, the Rio doesn't). Best of luck, you will need it!

Shown here are various tubes designed by General Electric in the period 1917 to 1927. After the formation of RCA in 1919 General Electric standard tubes were marketed by RCA. Most of the early tubes had GE marked on the bulb or carton. Cunningham branded tubes were made by . and were of identical construction. Cunningham had sold unlicensed tubulars before WWI under the Audiotron name.

Various AudiotronVarious AudiotronVarious AudiotronVarious Audiotron